Looking for people with broad backgrounds …

Please don’t assume you have to understand the proximity thinking framework to benefit somehow. Do you understand the equations of electricity or the protocols on which the Internet runs? Probably not, but electricity and the Internet probably help you quite a bit.

Yet having said that, I am looking for people with backgrounds broad enough to appreciate the many dimensions of the framework.

I guess generally, I’m looking for people with some experience and knowledge in some of the following areas: philosophy, science, mathematics, technology, design, government, business, culture, law, religion, psychology, economics, social systems, sustainability, ecosystems, evolution, innovation, and the arts, as well as experiences with diverse sorts of people.

I realize the scope of the list above may at first seem preposterous. The proximity thinking framework just connects and relates to diverse areas and processes. And I know it sounds like I’m a polymath, but I think of myself more as an integrated thinker. People with very diverse backgrounds, who might appreciate the scope of the framework, are not easily found. Is it wrong to want to find such people? To find evaluators and collaborators and possibly friends?

If you know people who might fit the above description, please let them know and/or let me know. Thank you!

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