Tracking ProxThink Goals

As part of our Proxri Deal processes, here we’ll link to places that track progress towards our goals for some high-priority ProxThink-related growth projects. To encourage, support and speed up these projects, you can proxri here.

Group Sessions for the Course

Goal: Develop live online sessions where people taking our online course Let’s Be More Alive — Intro to ProxThink can ask questions and discuss the course, whether they are going through the course individually or with a group:

Shared Situation Guide

Goal: Create the Shared Situation Guide (SSG), currently on the Quip platform, on other collaborative platforms as well:

Mobile Site

Goal: Transition the main ProxThink site to be mobile-optimized:

Proxri to Speed These Up!

To encourage, support and speed up these high-priority ProxThink-related growth projects, you can proxri here.