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ProxThink River is the blog for the proximity thinking framework at ProxThink.com. You can contact us here. Below is more information and links for ProxThink, related projects, and the creator of the ProxThink framework:

Our connected world is proximity oriented. The proximity thinking (ProxThink) framework offers you proximity-oriented approaches to transform how you create, collaborate and live. Afterwards, you should enjoy more SustaVariety.

• Proximity thinking (ProxThink) is a proximity-focused framework for creativity, innovation, problem-solving, sustainability and living. It consists of some basic ideas, patterns, models and tools that can transform how you create, collaborate and live, and boost sustainable variety (SustaVariety). The online course “Let’s Be More Alive — Intro to ProxThink” is your onramp. Explore it, take it, and access the trials at proxthink.thinkific.com.

• Let’s develop ideas and collaborate on your challenging situations. You’ll get the integrated value of my diverse background, projects and creative abilities, combined with the comprehensive ProxThink framework I created.
• For being creative and innovative, leverage the ProxPatterns and ProxThink Hints tools.
• For collaboration, use the ProxThink Growth Model. It’s a conceptual approach for collaborating in a connected world. It has been implemented in the mobile and desktop Shared Situation Guide, and can be adapted in other settings.
• For more about the above, the ProxThink site, my bio, the prerequisite for collaboration, and other ProxThink services, visit proxthink.com/services.

• Your life, and our lives, should have more sustainable variety (SustaVariety). It’s variety that continues, refreshes, renews. I think sustainable variety is what helps people feel alive, excited, vital, engaged, and makes life more enjoyable.
• I’ve started some projects and groups for creating sustainable variety. Each relates to the proximity thinking framework. Learn more, explore your benefits and get involved at loughry.com.

David Loughry, creator of proximity thinking

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