Slowing Down Violence


Perhaps the one of the best ways to slow down violence is to create proximities so engaging, enticing and rewarding that people wouldn’t even really think about doing something (like violence) to deny themselves being a part of these proximities.

This method is something nature uses. Consider sex. Sex is so great you wouldn’t really think about cutting it out of your life completely. Sex is a proximity which is engaging, enticing and rewarding.

So how could we more consistently create engaging, enticing and rewarding proximities, and in doing so slow down violence? I think ProxThink and the ProxThink Growth Model could be of some service to us. Together, they provide some ideas, tools, models and processes which people can interpret for their proximities. They were designed to capture some of what good relationships are about, and what creativity is about, both of which people find engaging, enticing and rewarding.

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