Some belts always fit just right. Let’s ProxThink about that.

Some belts, like the web belt below which allows the buckle to push through anywhere, always fit just right. Let’s use proximity thinking to consider this situation.

Continuously Adjustable Belt for Proximity Thinking Example

The mind map below explores this situation. Click the image below to open it full-size. Once open, you can zoom it even larger.

Since search engines can’t index the text in an image, I’m including the text from the graphic below. However, I’d recommend only looking at the graphic, as it will make a lot more sense. Also, WordPress is adding some blank lines in the outline below, and I can’t fix it. So please imagine there are no blank lines!

• A proximity thinking example, including a few basic definitions. To learn more, visit
• Situation – A “situation” is whatever you are dealing with or considering.
• Element – Loosely, an “element” can be anything. Any person, place, thing, idea, feeling, time, group, relationship, situation, proximity, etc.
• Proximity – The “proximity” consists of elements related or potentially related to a situation, in physical, mental and other ways.

    Belts that fit just right.

    Elements in the proximity of
    this situation.

    • Everyone has a
      different size waist.
    • Most belts have a few
      holes rather than being
      continuously adjustable.

      • So belts only fit well if your waist
        matches one of the holes on the belt.
    • Fashion and trends
    • Design and manufacturing
    • Belt materials and
    • Poor-fitting belts may have
      physical and psychological
      effects on the wearers.
    • Continuously adjustable
      belts fit the best.

      • Such as web belts that allow the buckle to
        push through anywhere. Or, belts with buckles
        that can grasp the belt at any point.
      • Let’s think about this from a
        proximity thinking point of view.

        • ProxPatterns
          • Transition Smoothly
            • Continuously adjustable belts transition smoothly between any size waist. They
              adjust if you want them a bit looser after a meal, or a bit tighter if you’re slimmer.
          • Honor Integrity
            • Continuously adjustable belts honor the characteristics of your exact waist size.
          • Avoid Forcing
            • Continuously adjustable belts avoid forcing you to live
              with a belt that is a little too snug or a little too loose.
    • Some people may be willing to
      put up with a less-than-perfect fit
      to get other benefits.

      • Let’s think about this from a
        proximity thinking point of view.

        • ProxPatterns
          • Honor Integrity
            • For some people, fashion may outweigh comfort considerations.
              They have a higher regard for fashion than for comfort, and in
              doing so they honor the integrity of fashion in their life.
          • ProxAwareness
            • Belts with holes are more widely sold than continuously adjustable
              belts. So consumers, retailers, designers and manufacturers may
              be less aware of the benefits of a belt with perfect fit.
          • Limits of One
            • There are limits of any one technology or style to be accepted
              or used. So there may be limits to the widespread adoption of
              continuously adjustable belts.

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