Tracking the Development of Group Sessions for Our Online Course “Let’s Be More Alive — Intro to ProxThink”

Note: This page is about one of several high-priority ProxThink-related growth projects on which I’m tracking progress. You can find links to the others here.

Online Group Sessions

We’re developing some live online sessions where people taking our online course Let’s Be More Alive — Intro to ProxThink can ask questions and discuss the course, whether they are going through the course individually or with a group.

Who Can Attend

For people going through the course individually or with a public group, these sessions will be part of our Intro to ProxThink User Group, available to people who are part of our SustaVariety membership community. For more, see the Intro to ProxThink User Group details in this Sustaining Tiers section.

For people going through the course as part of a private group, such as a group within an organization or business, these sessions will be planned, scheduled, and perhaps customized, as part of the private group arrangements.


Here’s the status:

  • I’m exploring online meeting technology for large scale sessions (such as a YouTube or Facebook livestream), as well as smaller group sessions (like 10 to 50 participants).
  • I’m looking at related marketing and scheduling issues.
  • I’ve begun planning the pacing and content of these sessions to focus on the four stages of transformation in the course.
  • My Current Challenge is Time: Finishing this project will take a fair amount of time.

Proxri to Speed This Up!

To encourage, support and speed up this and other high-priority ProxThink-related growth projects, you can proxri here.