Tracking Creation of the Shared Situation Guide (SSG) on Collaborative Platforms

Note: This page is about one of several high-priority ProxThink-related growth projects on which I’m tracking progress. You can find links to the others here.

It Began on Quip

The ProxThink-based Shared Situation Guide (SSG) was initially created on the Quip collaborative platform. Quip was one of the earliest and most full-featured document collaboration platforms, available on both mobile and desktop across major devices and operating systems. So I initially created the SSG on Quip. However, it can work on other collaborative platforms as well. I’ll be creating it on other platforms, and tracking that here.

Status of SSG on Google Docs

Because Google Docs is so widespread, and without cost in many cases, I’m starting there as the next step. Here’s the status:

  • I’ve moved a couple parts of the SSG to Google Docs and I’m testing functionality, to see what might need to be modified. So far, it seems that links and commenting work a bit differently from Quip, so some instructions may need to be edited.
  • My Current Challenge is Time: Checking functionality, editing and moving all the SSG content from Quip to Google Docs will take a fair amount of time.

Proxri to Speed This Up!

To encourage, support and speed up this and other high-priority ProxThink-related growth projects, you can proxri here.