Using ProxThink-Based Shared Situation Guide to Collaborate on Meetup Ideas/Planning

I’m using the Shared Situation Guide (which uses the ProxThink growth model), as a collaborative document to collect meetup ideas and plan meetups for the Variety People LA meetup group. Here’s an upcoming meetup related to that. If you live in the Los Angeles area, please consider joining us!

If you’d like to adapt this document for your meetup group, or other meeting or event planning, please contact me.

Let’s Collaborate on Meetup Ideas/Planning (it’s also an ongoing mobile process)

Tuesday, Nov 15, 2016, 7:00 PM

No location yet.

1 VariPeeps Attending

I’ve started a collaborative Quip document for collecting ideas for meetups and planning them. RSVP for this event, and I’ll send you details about how to join the document. On the date of the meetup, we can get together for an orientation to the Quip document, discuss ideas for meetups, and have a beverage and/or something to eat at a location tha…

Check out this Meetup →


Good Reasons to Watch the Let’s ProxThink Demo Video

The new Let’s ProxThink Demo video (below) not only gives you an idea of what Let’s ProxThink sessions might be like, but there are other good reasons to watch it. Here’s a short list. Below that is the same list with more details:

  1. Gain New Approaches for Personal, Local and Even Global Situations
  2. Understand Proximity Thinking More Quickly
  3. Have Your Own Let’s ProxThink Sessions
  4. Create Sustainable Proximities with People You Know
  5. Consider a Let’s ProxThink Session with Us
  6. Make Sessions with Us Shorter, More Valuable and More Effective
  7. Get Up to Speed on the ProxThink Website More Quickly
  8. Help Others and Yourself by Commenting on the Video
  9. Become a Beta Tester of Let’s ProxThink Sessions
  10. Be One of the First to Learn and Use Proximity Thinking

Here’s more about each point on the list above:

  1. Gain New Approaches for Personal, Local and Even Global Situations: This video will give you some conceptual tools and technology tools to think differently about and work on personal, local and even global situations, problems and challenges. It could change the way you think and collaborate.
  2. Understand Proximity Thinking More Quickly: This is the most concise and most accessible introduction to proximity thinking that I’ve created so far. Save yourself some time, even if you don’t attend a session. The insights of 30+ years are compressed into 42 minutes. It would take you far longer to read through the key parts of the website.
  3. Have Your Own Let’s ProxThink Sessions: Watch this and you’ll know enough to begin having your own Let’s ProxThink sessions with people you know or work with!
  4. Create Sustainable Proximities with People You Know: Learn new ways for a group of people who share a proximity to coordinate and collaborate. The video shows you how to use some apps and your smartphone, along with the ProxThink growth model, to create sustainable proximities, which also boosts sustainable variety.
  5. Consider a Let’s ProxThink Session with Us: You’ll get an idea of what Let’s ProxThink sessions with us might be like, so you can decide about joining an open session, scheduling one for yourself or your group, or being notified of upcoming public sessions via Hangouts On Air.
  6. Make Sessions with Us Shorter, More Valuable and More Effective: If you watch this before Let’s ProxThink sessions with us, you will get more out of them, and we may even be able to skip some parts of the session and get right into discussing your situations.
  7. Get Up to Speed on the ProxThink Website More Quickly: The video gives a brief tour of the ProxThink website. Feel more comfortable on the site more quickly.
  8. Help Others and Yourself by Commenting on the Video: Comment on the video or content, either here on this blog or by contacting us. You can help other people with your comments and insights, you’ll learn more from the video in the process of commenting, and you’ll help make ProxThink better and future Let’s ProxThink sessions better. For this, you could also possibly get proxri as part of our Collaboration Deal.
  9. Become a Beta Tester of Let’s ProxThink Sessions: Use this video to consider becoming a beta tester for Let’s ProxThink sessions. You’ll be under no obligation to proxri anything for the session, and you can provide as little or as much feedback about the session as you like. You could also possibly get proxri as part of our Collaboration Deal. For more information and to schedule a session, please contact us.
  10. Be One of the First to Learn and Use Proximity Thinking: You’ll be one of the first people to learn and use proximity thinking, possibly conveying advantages that can shape and change your life and your proximities.

Viewing Notes:
• It’s best to watch this in full screen mode, to see the smallest text.
• Also, you can jump to different sections with the links just below the video.

STARTING AT DIFFERENT SECTIONS: The full version, played from the beginning, is above. You can start at different sections below. (You can also start at different sections on YouTube, from the About description of the video. Click the YouTube logo in the lower right of video above to watch on YouTube, then expand the About description of the video using Show More.)

START AT: Welcome & Overview, Collaboration Deal
Includes: Welcome and Overview, Similar to Non-Public Sessions, Collaboration Deal and Terms of Use.

START AT: Before We Start … Context, Creativity and Capturing
Includes: ProxThink in Context, Capturing Ideas on Your Smartphone and Computer.

START AT: Beginning of Presentation
Includes: What is ProxThink, Why Proximity, Main Parts of Framework.

START ATBasics – Four Terms, with Examples
Includes: Four Terms, Situation, Examples of Situations, Element, Relationship, Proximity, Examples, Proximities Overlap, Our Biggest Challenges, Car Broke Down Example.

START ATBasics – Foundation, Terms & Tools, with Examples
Includes: The Basics Overview, Foundation, Core Idea, Car Broke Down Example with Core Idea.

START ATProxPatterns Intro & Combo ProxPatterns, with Examples
Includes: Introduction, 16 ProxPatterns (PPs), Combo PPs, Honor Integrity PP, Examples, Car Broke Down Example with Honor Integrity, Relate a Variety PP, Examples, Car Broke Down Example with Relate a Variety.

START ATLimits ProxPatterns, with Examples
Includes: Limits PPs, Value of Some PP, Examples, Car Broke Down Example with Value of Some.

START ATPure ProxPatterns, with Examples
Includes: Pure PPs, Introduce Related PP, Examples, Car Broke Down Example with Introduce Related, ProxPatterns are a Team.

START ATGrowth Model Intro & RelatePoints, with Examples
Includes: Growth Model Introduction, Four Processes, RelatePoints, Shared Kitchen Example with RelatePoints. 

START ATProxMonitors & Vadi Agreements, with Examples
Includes: ProxMonitors, Vadi Agreements, Shared Kitchen Example with ProxMonitors and Vadi Agreements. 

START ATProxri (ProxRewards), with Examples
Includes: Proxri, How Do You Proxri?, Shared Kitchen Example with Proxri. 

START ATTechnology Tools to Boost the Growth Model, with Examples
Includes: Tools to Boost Growth Model with Quip App Examples.

START ATQuick Review
Includes: Reviewing the Framework, Why Proximity, Proximities Overlap, Our Biggest Challenges, Q&A. 

START ATBefore We Go – Proxri, Connecting, Start Your Own
Includes: Introduction, Proxri for This Session, Connecting with Us, Watching This Later, Future Sessions, Consider Teaching Someone, Create Sustainable Variety, Thanks + Subscribe + Services.

What next? Please go to to join an open session, or schedule one for yourself or your group. You can also follow us to be notified of future public sessions via Hangouts On Air.