Variety is my carrot. Climate change is my stick.

Variety is my carrot, since most people like variety and often want a bit more of it. Climate change is my stick, since we’re pretty much going to have to do more about climate change. But whether you’re motivated by variety, climate change, or both, learning and using the proximity thinking framework can make a difference.

Let’s start with the stick. If you believe in climate change, why wouldn’t you explore a new framework for thinking about it and dealing with it? The framework I’m talking about is proximity thinking, and especially one part of it called the sustainable proximities approach. However, if you do not believe in climate change, then you should also not believe in insurance. Because doing something to lessen the impact and threat of climate change is essentially getting some insurance. And, if you do not believe in insurance, then good luck to you, my friend, because there will likely come a day when you need some luck.

On the carrot side, if you do not believe in climate change, then perhaps you do believe in a life with some variety. Or if it hasn’t really become a belief, I’ll bet you at least want some variety in your life. And if you think about variety for a while, you’ll realize that what you probably want is sustainable variety. But then we are back to this new framework for thinking called proximity thinking. Part of the framework is the idea of sustainable proximities. How does that relate to variety? Here’s the thing: I think sustainable proximities and sustainable variety go together. I think they help create each other and enhance each other. Of course, it’s possible you don’t believe in, or want, some variety in your life. Again, I wish you the best of luck, because probably, no matter how great your life is, there will come a day when you get tired of it, and want some variety. If you, and we, don’t have ways of getting sustainable variety, we’re going to be depending on luck for the needed variety, and some of that variety may not be as pleasant as we like. If your life is working for you just fine as is, it’s probably partly because you’re getting enough variety. But getting enough variety is partly about keeping your eyes open for new kinds of variety, so sustainable proximities should interest you as well, in your quest for ongoing, sustainable variety.

So now you have both a carrot and a stick to help get you to explore proximity thinking!