The Key Word in this Story was “Plenty”


Perhaps one lesson from a story about websites that practically run themselves, is it shows that we can create resources, which once up and running, provide a lot of value and don’t require much maintenance. Knowing this is possible, let’s create more such practically self-sustaining resources. Specifically, let’s create self-sustaining resources which allow more life, are engaging, and in turn create proximities in which a wide variety of people and situations can flourish.

One of the sites in the story is a dating site called Plenty of Fish. There is plenty to learn from this and the Craigslist example they mention. There are plenty of opportunities to create proximities which function like self-sustaining resources for a variety of people and situations. Such resources can themselves be a source of plenty. Further, the ProxThink Growth Model may be a way to help manage such resources.

A couple examples of possible practically self-sustaining resources: We could create energy systems which tap renewable energy sources, providing most or all of a proximity’s energy needs and practically run themselves. Another might be some community resources which don’t need much maintenance if a few different people provide just a little time, money, energy or work, but do need a sustainable way to coordinate people’s maintenance activities for that resource.

What resources or proximities can you think of, which could be created to practically run themselves, and provide richer relationships for the people involved?

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