Brief Biographical Sketch


[Note: Here is a brief biographical sketch I’m working on, for some upcoming press and marketing projects. – David]

Innovation, new ideas and creativity often come from integrating and connecting diverse experiences, knowledge and people. In “bullet-point” language, I draw upon the following: Studies at both top private and large public universities. Diverse work experiences in small businesses, medium-sized companies, large corporations, a cooperative and non-profits. Started and owned a number of small businesses. Both formal and self-directed studies in the arts, sciences, engineering, design and business. More than trivial experiences and knowledge in music, art, design, graphics, inventing, architecture, skiing, sales, marketing, mathematics, fundraising, finance, philosophy, creativity, fashion, construction, computers and innovation. Follow and explore current events, culture, larger trends and future-oriented ideas and endeavors. Earned a BA in mathematics and an MBA with a double emphasis in marketing and finance. Travels in the US, Canada and Europe. Lived in a western state capital, two college towns, a mountain resort and three major American cities.

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