A possible criticism and an answer

A possible criticism of the Underlying Concept (being is about relating) of proximity thinking might be this: “Sure, life is about relationships. But not just any old relationships!”

My answer is I agree, and the ProxPatterns help suggest relationships more likely to work and enhance life. That doesn’t mean the ProxPatterns are free of contradictions. In fact, they allow and work with contradictions.

New ProxThink Slide Show

I recently finished a new slide show. It’s a good, concise introduction to both the ProxThink Basics and the ProxPatterns.

The show is hosted on SlideShare.net, and is also on the ProxThink home page. It’s in the Start pages inside the ProxThink User Area as well.

Enjoy and please leave any comments below. Thanks!


ProxSets are Arbitrary but Useful

(r] proxthink.com

Most, if not all, ProxSets are somewhat arbitrary. But ProxSets are needed, to focus attention. Yet they also need to be flexible.

You need to use ProxSets to focus attention, but you need to allow them to change. It goes back to the Core Idea of ProxThink: “In a situation, change elements, relationships and the proximity to better relate to each other.” In this case, a ProxSet is an element in the proximity of your situation. 

Proxri Deal: As you find our relationship rewarding, proxri with the proximity in mind.