Open Source and Sustainable Proximities


Do you think the sustainable proximities approach outlined in How to Create a Sustainable Proximity would never work? That people can’t be trusted, or it needs an enforcement mechanism, or some other objection?

Well, the open source software development process is an example of the sustainable proximities approach in action. They don’t call it that of course.

The ways they track their progress are, in effect, ProxMonitors.

Places and ways they share information are RelatePoints.

The open source agreement itself, and their decisions to work within it, is a kind of Vadi Agreement.

Their contributions of time, energy, expertise and code are proxri.

In working (and playing) this way, they have created a sustainable proximity. The proximity is the ecosystem of the particular software and the people related to it.

Do you see it?

I’ll come up with some other examples.

Proxri Deal: As you find our relationship rewarding, proxri with the proximity in mind.

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