Five Areas with Potential for Growth


ProxThink makes possible five areas with potential for growth. These are just some ideas, to be added to and expanded later. What ties these together is how each one relates to sustainable proximities.

1) ProxThink as innovation and creativity tool

To do: Increase number of users. Make site more Web 2.0 (ways for people to contribute examples and ideas, more decentralized distribution, etc.). Improve site with collaboration. Market to businesses, designers, innovators, and others. See if scientists, philosophers and others can benefit from the ProxThink Basics thinking structure. Engage in more outreach with teaching, talks, seminars, consulting, and collaboration with individuals, groups, businesses, organizations and governments. On the site, there is also a big list on the Site Possibilities page in the About section.

2) Combining the Internet and ProxThink Growth Model (PTGM)

To do: Encourage others to adopt it. Further develop the legal structure. Test and improve processes. Demonstrate success in some proximities. Develop separate website as portal to people, places and sites using PTGM, including hosting of pages for people, organizations and groups which implement the process. Develop some ongoing local, regional and global projects for some proximities that move them closer to sustainable proximities, which many people can relate to, and which complement, enhance or replace markets as appropriate (with transitions which are engaging and lively).

3) Further develop the climate change project

To do: Provide a place people can post their ClimateProxri. Set up areas for ProxMonitors, RelatePoints and Vadi Agreement development. Promote the suggested standard tags and text markers. Show feeds of the tags and text markers which update as people use them worldwide. Collaborate on and develop other projects based on the general proxEarth proposal.

4) Promote the downloadable digital content standards proposed on

To do: Reach out to standards groups. Contact industry players in music, video/film, books, art, photography, software and others. Develop infrastructure, legal standards and logistical standards, possibly in combination with number 2 above. Possibly combine some efforts with the site portal mentioned in 2 above.

5) Develop as resource for fresh art experiences

To do: Further develop the site as both a resource for downloadable fresh art, as well as a portal to others using the PTGM standards for art, or the arts more broadly (I also own, and Further refine the legal and logistical standards as part of 4 above. Expand downloadable digital art offerings to include image files in various resolutions, printable PDFs, printable greeting cards, screensavers, computer backgrounds/wallpaper, and offerings for display on large flat screen TVs and even digital billboards and sports stadium size displays.

Proxri Deal: As you find our relationship rewarding, proxri with the proximity in mind.

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