My TED Wish


The TED Prize was created as a way of taking the inspiration, ideas and resources that are generated at TED and using them to make a difference. Each winner is granted a wish. If I were to win a TED Prize, this would be my wish.

I wish that the ProxThink Growth Model would be adopted and adapted widely, and that it would become a viable evolution for capitalism and/or parallel process to capitalism. This wish would be aided by people becoming more and more: 1) honest and transparent with their ProxMonitors, 2) creative with their Vadi Agreements, 3) active about their RelatePoints, and 4) generous with their ProxRewards (proxri). This wish would be aided by widespread data and network availability to coordinate these four items, yet also widespread low-tech implementations as well. This wish would be aided by heightened senses of and qualities of relationships and boundaries, as well as heightened creativity, flexibility and fun, which the ProxThink Basics and ProxPatterns could serve and support, in addition to serving and supporting items 1 through 4 above. I believe progress towards this wish could serve us in our challenges with climate change, conflict at many scales, and growth along many dimensions, including personal growth and the growth of groups of people.

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Proxri Deal: As you find our relationship rewarding, proxri with the proximity in mind.

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