Guide for Attending Online Events

If you’ve signed up for an online event for ProxThink or ProxThink-related projects (such as those listed at, below are details about attending.

What You’ll Need

We’ll use AnyMeeting for the screen-sharing, chat and possible conference call. You can join the online meeting or webinar with a computer (Windows, Mac, Linux/Ubuntu) or mobile device (iOS, Android) including phones and tablets. For the possible conference call, whether using a computer, mobile device or telephone, some kind of headset will make for better audio. See the links below for more on all of this.

Useful AnyMeeting Links

At the links below, they might talk about attending webinars and meetings as different things. Our events could be either, and if your setup is ready for meetings you’ll be ready for webinars too.

• Requirements for computers and mobile devices.

• Using the AnyMeeting mobile device app.

• How to join a meeting.

• Other attendee guides and support options, if needed.