Enjoy Collabs Quickstart

In a Connected World, Collaborate More Enjoyably and Effectively — Quickstart

In a connected world, you should use a collaboration guide made for connectedness. Why? A connected world is proximity oriented, and so is the Shared Situation Guide for collaboration.

Quickly start using the Shared Situation Guide for more enjoyable and effective collaboration with this level one course. Then reward with proxri. Begin now and finish in less than an hour, or read on for more details.

Your Shared Situations Should Be More Alive, Effective, and Enjoyable

Shared situations like living places, collaborative projects, shared resources, and events, should be more alive, effective, and enjoyable. The key is combining a proximity-oriented approach with connected collaboration. A connected world presents so many opportunities. But we need approaches like the proximity-oriented ProxThink Growth Model, which are designed for connectedness. This can transform how we collaborate in shared situations.

The Shared Situation Guide uses the ProxThink Growth Model to convert a document collaboration app like Google Docs into a guide and mobile tool for collaborating on shared situations. Curious? Read more here.

This Enjoy Collabs Quick Start course of short videos with intro text should quickly get you started using the Shared Situation Guide. You’ll likely finish the course in less than an hour. It includes just enough ProxThink background, an intro to the ProxThink Growth Model, and a tour of the Shared Situation Guide. It’s presented by David Loughry, creator of the ProxThink framework. You’ll then be ready for an Enjoy Collabs Workshop too.

You’re not required to pay for this course. Instead, you can reward with proxri. You’ll learn more about proxri in the course.

Imagine your shared situations being more alive, effective, and enjoyable. Begin with this Quick Start. You’ve got nothing to lose but a few minutes as you begin checking it out. So, why not?