Looking for people with broad backgrounds …

Please don’t assume you have to understand the proximity thinking framework to benefit somehow. Do you understand the equations of electricity or the protocols on which the Internet runs? Probably not, but electricity and the Internet probably help you quite a bit.

Yet having said that, I am looking for people with backgrounds broad enough to appreciate the many dimensions of the framework.

I guess generally, I’m looking for people with some experience and knowledge in some of the following areas: philosophy, science, mathematics, technology, design, government, business, culture, law, religion, psychology, economics, social systems, sustainability, ecosystems, evolution, innovation, and the arts, as well as experiences with diverse sorts of people.

I realize the scope of the list above may at first seem preposterous. The proximity thinking framework just connects and relates to diverse areas and processes. And I know it sounds like I’m a polymath, but I think of myself more as an integrated thinker. People with very diverse backgrounds, who might appreciate the scope of the framework, are not easily found. Is it wrong to want to find such people? To find evaluators and collaborators and possibly friends?

If you know people who might fit the above description, please let them know and/or let me know. Thank you!


Proxri for the WordPress Community

This blog entry on the leenk.me site contains an example of a proxri. Near the end he talks about giving 10% of his net revenues to the WordPress foundation. He talks about how WordPress is a community that makes a lot of other things possible.

In this example, the WordPress community is a key element of the proximity of his business situation. And he’s giving that 10% with the proximity in mind. Can you see how that 10% is a proxri? For more on proxri, see proxri.org.

Choosing an Image Management Software Package

A friend of mine just asked me “How would you use ProxThink to choose an image management software package?”

My answer relies mostly on the ProxPatterns. If you’re familiar with them, you can use them to help with a task like this, and also to have it perhaps be more than just another task to get done. In other words, perhaps it can have some fun points and some style points, rather than just being a job.

Every bold word or phrase in what follows is related to a ProxPattern or ProxThink Basic. You should be able to figure out which ones. If it seems hard, I’ll put a hint in brackets like [this].

So her question is her situation. I’d use ProxAwareness to become more aware of some of the possible features, options, and available software packages. But don’t drive yourself crazy because there are limits to what any one person can research about this. Your ProxAwareness search should probably [allow uncertainty] include reviews by some experts if possible. Experts have a different proximity related to these types of situations. Also develop of list of your critical needs and the problems the software must address. You want to honor the integrity of these needs and problems, as well as the people who will use the software. Do these users possess skills or abilities, as well as challenges or limits which you must honor? The best software package will relate to a variety of the needs and problems, as well as the characteristics of the users. If possible, it will also allow a smooth transition to the new software, both on the technical side, and the user side. However, how each user will rank it depends on their unique proximity or ProxSet. And of course, there are limits of any one element (the software) to relate to other elements.

The decision process takes active involvement, but being is about relating, so it can be satisfying. At each point in the process, if you are getting stuck, discouraged or even angry, keep the ProxPatterns in mind, especially the Combo ProxPatterns (PPs). Use the Combo PPs even in moment-by-moment decisions as you both dance and wrestle with the situation. For example: “OK, I’m going to allow some uncertainty as I explore this or try that. Oh, I’m meeting some resistance, as I’ve found something or someone asking that I honor the integrity of their characteristics or needs. I’ll avoid forcing it while I figure out how to honor them or it. Perhaps [allow uncertainty] there is a way to relate to a variety of these elements and relationships which I need to honor. By using other ProxPatterns alone or in combination, perhaps [allow uncertainty] I’ll find a way to relate to this variety. Yet, using the Limits PPs, I know there is probably [allow uncertainty] value in making some progress here.”

With active involvement, proximity awareness, and allowing some uncertainty, you will probably come across elements of this situation which are quite unique, interesting, perhaps funny and potentially related to other elements and situations in your life. You might [allow uncertainty] find ways to create links to them for future reference, use or entertainment.

Of course my friend’s proximity for this situation of hers will contain much more specific and detailed elements and relationships.

But perhaps [allow uncertainty], once the new software in installed and in use, she will have carried out some of the ProxThink Core Idea: “In a situation, change elements, relationships and the proximity to better relate to each other.” In other words, the images, users, needs, challenges, software and hardware will be better related than before. And, an improvement in the proximity related to this situation may improve the proximity of other situations which include some of the same elements (such as the same people or the same computers). Not only that, the proximity of the new software may itself be an element in the proximity of other situations, such as the atmosphere of the office, the enjoyment of work, the profitability of the company, or the speed of the development of other projects.

Yes, all this proximity thinking terminology may be a little overwhelming if you’re not familiar with it. Avoid forcing it, perhaps [allow uncertainty] learn some more about the ProxPatterns and the ProxThink Basics. Stay actively involved, but honor the integrity of your interest and energy. Ungroup or “unpack” the ProxPatterns and Basics, and group them again, as you become more proximate with them. It’s possible you’ll make a smooth transition to “getting” the above example. Of course, allowing uncertainty, it’s possible you won’t! In that case, perhaps [allow uncertainty] move on with your life, at least for a while [value of some]. Then, perhaps [allow uncertainty], come back and give it another try.

Thanks for the question Coco!

ProxSets are Arbitrary but Useful

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Most, if not all, ProxSets are somewhat arbitrary. But ProxSets are needed, to focus attention. Yet they also need to be flexible.

You need to use ProxSets to focus attention, but you need to allow them to change. It goes back to the Core Idea of ProxThink: “In a situation, change elements, relationships and the proximity to better relate to each other.” In this case, a ProxSet is an element in the proximity of your situation. 

Proxri Deal: As you find our relationship rewarding, proxri with the proximity in mind.

Top Ten Things ProxThink Makes Possible

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Here are the top ten things ProxThink makes possible, with links to explore.

Would you be curious about new ways humanity could use the Internet that not only apply to major problems and help us better coordinate, manage resources and collaborate, but also allow us to have more fun and variety?
See Upside of Combining the ProxThink Growth Model and the Internet and Networks, Nature and New Possibilities

Do you care about climate change? Want to do something about it, either alone or in coordination and collaboration with others locally, regionally or globally?
See proxEarth – What You Can Do

Do you want to increase creativity, innovation and problem-solving abilities for yourself, your group or your organization?
See Innovation, Problem-Solving, Creativity

Do you care about sustainability? Want to find out how we can have more sustainability in more ways?
See Sustainability and ProxThink

Are you interested in business or growth models, including models for websites and blogs? Interested in a new one that is more sustainable, flexible, healthy, fun and efficient?
See Introduction – ProxThink Growth Model

Are you concerned about our economy and financial turmoil? Interested in some better options?
See Networks, Nature and New Possibilities and
Financial Turmoil is Avoidable and Financial Turmoil

Do you like having ways to structure your thinking, actions and relationships for clarity, creativity and decision-making? Want to see an integrated new structure?
See Structure for Thinking

Do you download, legally or illegally, music, movies, video, art, photography, books, software or other content on the web? Would you like to know how we could solve some of the legal, financial and logistical problems of downloadable content?
See A New Approach to Downloadable Content

Like variety? Do you wish your life had more variety and balance?
See Life Balance and Variety

Do you like, make or buy art? Interested in something which could change art, the art world, and how we share and view art?
See the artdown site

If any of the above interest you, please see Dear Visitor for needed actions, people and money, to give these ideas and practices the best chance to survive and thrive. Thanks!

Proxri Deal: As you find our relationship rewarding, proxri with the proximity in mind.

Elegance of the ProxThink Basics

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Like a physicist who guesses the value of a solution by the elegance of the equation, I suspect the ProxThink Basics have potential since they revolve around the simple three part structure of elements, relationships and proximities.

The Basics include an underlying concept (being is about relating), four terms (situation, element, relationship and proximity), a core idea (which uses and integrates the four terms), and two conceptual tools (ProxSet and ProxPattern). Combine the Basics with the emergent and synergistic properties of the sixteen individual ProxPatterns, and you’ve got something with even more potential. The Basics and ProxPatterns seem to have value in a wide range of situations and proximities.

Proxri Deal: As you find our relationship rewarding, proxri with the proximity in mind.